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Pro audio, DJ gear, lighting, wireless systems, drum kits, percussion, guitars, basses, amps, keyboards, and more.
We rent everything musical!


*Disclaimer :We strive to keep our website information and rental rates up-to-date however items and prices listed on this website are subject to change without notice. Please call us to verify current rental pricing.

Passive Mixers-Powered Heads-Powered Mixers

  • We offer special Wednesday/Thursday until Monday rates!
  • We have 2 week rates!
  • We have 3 week rates!
  • The items listed are a small sample of what we carry and rent!


Item Click for Specs
Daily RateThursday to Monday
1 Week Monthly Rate
Yorkville MM5D
5 input 180 watt mixer amp
Yorkville MP6D2
6 Channel 325 watt mixer amp
Yorkville M810-2
10 input 800watt mixer amp
Yorkville M1610-2
10 channel 1600 watt mixer amp
Yorkville PM22
22 channel 3200 watt mixer amp
Yorkville PM2012
12 channel 2000 watt mixer amp
Yorkville PGM8
6 channel passive mixer with FX
Yorkville VGM14
12 channel passive mixer with FX
Alto ZMX862
6 channel compact mixer
Alto ZMX122FX
8 channel compact mixer w/fx
Alto Live
8 channel mixer w/fx
Mackie ProFX16
16 channel passive mixer
Mackie ProFX22
22 channel mixer
Mackie 3204VLZ3
32 channel 4 bus
pro live mixer

Power Amps


Passive Speaker Cabinets

  • This is only a small sample of what we stock
ItemDaily RateThursday to Monday1 Week Monthly
Yorkville EXMMOBILE12
Battery Operated speaker
60 watts, Bluetooth
3 ch Mixer W/ effects.
Perfect for Beach Weddings or any place where electricity not available

Powered Speakers-Bluetooth Speakers-Battery Powered Speakers

Item Click for SpecsDaily RateThursday to Monday1 Week Monthly
Powered 1000watt
15 Sub, 2 satellite tops.
Great for DJ work. (speaker stands not included)
same as above but 1500 watts,
18sub, 2 satellite tops. (speaker stands not included)
Yorkville EXM400
4 channel 400watt blutooth enabled compact PA
Yorkville NX55P
550 watt 12 inch powered cabinet
Yorkville NX750P-2
750 watt 15 inch powered cabinet
Bluetooth SpeakersDaily RateThurs-Monday1-Week4-Weeks
Yorkville YX10P
10-inch 200 watt powered.
2 channel mixer,a standalone PA for conferences, presentations, PA, or floor monitors.

Alto Spectrum
Wireless Bluetooth
Powered Speakers. 300 watts 4- 6 in. speakers
Item Click for SpecsDaily RateFriday to Monday1 WeekMonthly
Item Click for SpecsDaily RateThursday
to Monday
1 WeekMonthly
Audio 2000's AWP6407
Battery operated Portable, Bluetooth,
Mini Powered Speaker. Perfect for smaller events / Boardroom meetings

Portable Line Array
Large Venue Solution
Portable Line Array
Large Venue Solution
Portable Line Array
Large Venue Solution
Yorkville Paraline PSA1 Line Array Top$26.00$43.00$52.00$104.00
Yorkville Elite ESP18
Powered 18" SubWoofer

Powered Subwoofers


ItemDaily RateThursday to Monday1 Week Monthly
Yorkville LS200P
10-inch 200 watts
compact powered sub that features a single 10" speaker and a built in 600 watt (Peak) power module.
Yorkville LS720P
15-inch 720 watts
Ideal companion for medium sized live sound or DJ PA
Yorkvill ES18P
18-inch 1600 watts
High-powered "earth mover."
Daily RateFriday to Monday1 Week / Reservation RateMonthly
Large Venue Line Array Subwoofers
Large Venue Line Array SubwoofersLarge Venue Line Array Subwoofers
Yorkville Paraline PSA1S 2-12 2800watt peak sub$27.00$44.00$54.00$108.00
Yorkville Paraline PSA2S 2-15 4800watt peak sub$32.00$52.00$64.00$128.00